Matcha & Madagascan Vanilla Whey Protein 375g


Complete source of protein containing all essential amino acids.
Excellent post workout due to its fast absorption.
Unlike traditional WPI/ WPC proteins our whey isolate is extracted directly from grass-fed cow milk (not from whey).
It is not heat-treated but obtained at low temperatures (below 10 C) via micro-and ultra-filtration, resulting in a superior amino acid profile.
Lactose free – suitable for lactose intolerant.
No bad taste, gentle on the digestive system.
No fillers, thickeners or blending agents – nothing artificial.
No sugar or flavourings (not even “natural”).
Gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free.
22.5g protein per serving.



Whey protein isolate (MILK),
matcha green tea, vanilla
bean powder, sweetener
(Steviol Glycosides - Stevia)
Nothing else

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